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18/05/2006 9:19
The European Commission opens an infraction procedure against Spain by suppressing the list of the beaches and lakes zones
Brussels considers that Spanish authorities did not reorganize these places . Brussels asks immediate explanations about the suppression of 365 of the 535 lakes and 310 of the 2.136 of beaches between 1991 and 2004 without any notice or reason .
Concretely, Spain has excluded the 68,22% percent of the lakes zones that included the Law of Beaches and Lakes quality water and the 14,51% of the coastal water . CS060407

17/05/2006 9:38
Real Decree 523/2006, of 28 of April : suppression of the "empadronamiento" as probative document (sic)
Real Decree 523/2006, of 28 of April : suppression of the certificate of census ( "empadronamiento" ) as probative
document of the domicile or residence, in the administrative procedures of the General Administration of the State
and of its Public Agencies , linked or dependent.
Source > BOE 060509

17/05/2006 9:21
Spanish Counsel of Ministers : Report on the Constitution****aw reform.
By Agreement of the Council of Ministers of March 4, 2005, the Government has requested the modifications report about the Spanish Constitution The consultation is divided into three sections.
1º Constitutional reform guidelines .
2º Constitutional Modifications: divided into four sections
a The suppression of the preference of a male in the succession to the throne.
b The reception in the Constitution of the process of European construction.
c The inclusion of the denomination of the autonomous regions.
d The reform of the Senate.
3º Procedures and time limit

source PP760060509

15/05/2006 17:34
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : [ Administrative ] : Fast Judgments ( Juicios rapidos = 24h ) will continue during August 2006
The Supreme Court has rejected the Appellation interposed by the Lawyers Bar of Malaga against the agreement celebrated during the Sectorial Judges Meeting of the Penal section of Malaga on June 30, 2003 confirming the Agreement of the General Counsel of the Judicial Power ( CGPJ ) of October 22, 2003. The appellation claimed the application of Art. nº 183 of Judicial Power Law which refers that August is unable for *** the actions and judgments that have not been declared urgent.

11/04/2006 10:00
DonAbogado Network News : new RSS2PodCast service
What is this rss2podcast ?rss2podcast will automatic***y create a podcast by using a new Voice Synthesis Technology
More information and example available at RSS2Podcast web page

08/04/2006 10:11
Madrid Appeal Court : [ property sale contract : "abusive" clause - mortgage ]
The Provincial Audience of Madrid has condemned the construction company Level to pay the prices that had to assume the buyers of a apartment that refused to change the mortgage with another financial company. The Sentence can be appealed only by the new Supreme doctrine unification appeal or extraordinary Appeal ( sic ).
Source : CN 060408 ( Spanish language ) More

07/04/2006 16:27
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : again problems with Catalan dialect.
The Spanish Constitutional Court orders to a Catalan Judge to send the question of unconstitutionality in Spanish language instead of Catalan dialect. More

07/04/2006 16:09
Spanish Criminal Case Law : Real Estate Fraud - Appropriation - Embezzlement .
The Penal Appeal Court of V***adolid has imposed one year of prison and a fine of 540 Euro to a man of 34 years old,
because deceived the buyer of a flat, acting as a false estate agent
( C.C. company ) taking possession of 3.000 Euro
of caution. More

07/04/2006 15:58
Spanish Criminal Case Law : condemned an "hacker" of Terrassa. (sic)
The Penal Court of Terrassa condemned Francisco T.R at the penalty of 2 years of prison because he seized a web page .
( businesses secret discovery crime ) . More

06/04/2006 8:33
Dublin convention ( 1997 ) and Eurodac system recognized by the "Jefatura del Estado" ( Spanish Chief Government )
Objective : To establish a system for the comparison of fingerprints of asylum applicants and illegal immigrants and facilitate the application of the Dublin convention which makes it possible to determine the State responsible for examining the asylum application. ( Eurodac" system ) . More

29/03/2006 9:24
Costa Brava 2 Attics ( Penthouse - Atico - Attico ) located on 1st sea line for sale. A very rare buy.
1) Palamós : unique Attic - Penthouse ( Atico - Attico ) in 1st sea line with amazing bay views.
- located at 20 meters from the Seashore ( Paseo Maritimo : 3.5 km long ).
- Real Penthouse with privacy guarantees. Isolated .
- 1 double living dinning room + chimney + 3 access to the terraces with global
bay views :
to Palamos, S. Antoni de Calonge, Playa de Aro and S'Agaro bay.
- 1 living room with patio + mini-garden with soft sunlight lightning.
- 2 big terraces ( total 75 mq ) :
- 1 with global bay view of Palamos, S. Antoni de Calonge, Playa de Aro, S'Agaro.
- another one with mountain and historic ( monumental ) villa views.
- 3B+3B.
- Characteristic system of internal soft sun lighting.
- Laundry room. Big safe. Alarm. Double Satellite. Internet. 2 Garages + 1 safe and video system.
- Independent Hot + New Air conditioning system. ( double split : hot and cold systems )
- Total 250mq. Asking price 1,2 million euro***.
- Direct sale no commission, no agency.

2) Palamós : unique Penthouse located in 1st line, in the historic center with amazing bay views
of Palamós, Sant Antoni de calonge, Playa de Aro and S'Agaro .
- 2B+2B. Living Room. Terrace.
- Internet ADSL 10 MB. Safe. Alarm connected to Police.
- Unique and solid building construction. Total 80 mq. Asking Price 600.000 euro***.
- Direct Sale no commission, no agency.
- Parking included .

24/03/2006 18:03
DonAbogado Network News : Atom2RSS (Atom-to-RSS)
As you know, many sites offer Atom feeds instead of RSS.
Converting Atom XML feed to RSS feed is a new service our site offers, for free.

Atom2RSS (Atom-to-RSS)

09/03/2006 15:12
Costa Brava Auctions - Encheres - Aste Immobiliari
under auction : Studio 30 m2 first sealine : 85.000 Euro
04 May 2006 : Apartment 80m2 : 102.0000 Euro
11 May 2006 : Land 59.000 m2 : upon request
22 June 2006 : Commercial Plot 53 m2 : 88.000 Euro JB01
Original auction documents & more information available click here

21/02/2006 12:43
EU takes Spain to court over 35% capital gains tax for non-residents
The European Commission is taking the Spanish government to the European Court of Justice over discriminatory capital
gains taxes that favor Spanish residents over non-resident EU nationals.
Under Spain's present tax code, non-residents have to pay capital gains tax of 35%, compared to 15% for residents.
The EU argues that this contravenes EU agreements governing the fee flow of capital and non-discrimination.
The commission has referred the issue to the courts after Spain made no effort to change the legislation, despite a formal complaint from the Commission in July of 2005. More

28/01/2006 11:21
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : violation of the right to appoint the attorney of confidence
Violation of the rights of the person under arrest and violation of the right to the attorney aid : the person under arrest appointed a lawyer of confidence but the first aid was carried out with a public attorney. More

27/01/2006 20:51
DonAbogado opens a new RSS channel against the Human Rights violation ( last word - ultima parola - das lezte Word )
DonAbogado opens a new channel expressly against the Sentence of Spanish Constitutional Court of 27.01.06 .
The new RSS channel is available in Spanish at :

20/01/2006 17:29
Spanish Criminal Case Law : intrusion ( appropriation ) : condemned a famous lawyer of Costa Brava ( Spain ) to the sanction of 1 year of invalidation, fine and to return 100.000 Euro to his client. (sic)

11/01/2006 16:35
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : demarcation property.
Violation of the right to the effective judicial guardianship: annulation because inconsistency, after the denial of the annulment Appellation , refused because unreasonable . Constitutional Appellation promoted against the Coruña Provincial Audience Sentence relating a demarcation property . Related Jurisprudence : STC 158/2002.

10/01/2006 16:35
Spanish Criminal Case Law : First detention and condemn because a man refused to put out a cigarette in a bar of Navarra.
The man, 39-year-old originating from Valencia area, stopped in an establishment of the highway A-68, in the
locality "Navarra of Castellon", and begun to smoke a cigar , in a zone explicitly prohibited for it.
Unfortunately the Autonomous Police of Navarra ordered him to transfer to the smokers zone or well to put
out the cigar but the man refused . The irreverent smoker denied also to be identified and fin***y the Police
arrested him. Yesterday morning the man was judged in the city of Tudela by the modality of fast*** judgment
and was condemned to pay a fine of 240 euro because the crime of disobedience .

Note : ***24h judgment : usu***y you have not the time to find your lawyer, proofs and testimonies ( sic )
Note : in absence of fine payment you may risk the prison also if you have not criminal history ( sic )

10/01/2006 10:52
Spanish Crimin****aw : Madrid : Delinquent and victims will be in position to negotiate the damage before judgment , out of the courts.
The District attorney's Office of Madrid promotes a new system of mediation that has already resolved eight cases. The delinquents and its victims will benefit in the Madrid area a pioneering system of negotiation able to repair the damage caused, to obtain the pardon and the commitment reintegrating the aggressor. This new mediation is a confidential and free figure between the parts promoted by the association "Support" and the District attorney's Office of Madrid ; since its creation, four months ago, eight cases have been resolved. The agreement among the parts does not stop the judicial procedure against the delinquent, but the district attorney's office can consider an extenuating or to carry him to archive the case. ( source : el Pais )

05/01/2006 9:19
The European Court of Human Rights, saturated
The Court of Strasbourg, created in 1959 is a victim of its own success.
Only last year they treated forty thousand accusations. The avalanche of complaints was initiated in the ninety when the old satellites of the Soviet former-union subscribed the European Convention on human rights.
*** the citizens of the continent ( eight hundred million people ) can present a demand to this Court, if they consider that its rights have been violated and if they have exhausted the legal resources in their country.
More than eighty-two thousand accusations expect judgment and sentence, some is alert since over five years ago.
To this rhythm, the number of cases will treble from here to 2011, according to a study entrusted by the Counsel of Europe.
In 2005, more than the half of the demands arrived from Russia, Turkey, ( sic ) Romania and Poland.
Many proceed from the victims of the abduction carried out in a theater of Moscow in October of the 2002;
other from Chechnya citizens that ***ege cases of torture and executions.
The jurists demand a radical reform of the Court of Strasbourg, consolidating satellite offices or reducing from three to one,
the number of judges that evaluate a case. Source : Euronews

20/12/2005 17:19
Catalan Superior Court : [ Administrative Court ] ( TSJC ) : Important Sentence.
Annulled the Catalan Lawyer Council Regulation. (sic)
The Counsels of Lawyers are not competent in the elaboration of the general rules concerning the exercise of the lawyer profession.
Related news : TS Supreme Court ( Administrative Court ) : Annulled the Art.8 of General Council of Attorneys at law . (sic)

20/12/2005 17:07
Spanish Counsel of Ministers
The Minister Council approved the reform of 21 laws , the new annulment appellation ( "recurso de casación" ) and the double penal instance. The legislative reform will facilitate the new Judicial Office work .
The double penal instance will be guaranteed*** according to the European Human Rights.
The annulment appellation is oriented to the doctrine unification because the discrepancies proceeding by different tribunals , guaranteeing the equality in the law enforcement and avoiding contradictory judicial resolutions.
*** Starting from "Audiencia" Sentences .

20/12/2005 8:59
Internet Security : DonAbogado becames a MyNetwatchMan.com Agent and discovers an hacker attack.
The attack begun on last year when a jurist discovered that an hacker or cracker activity was born inside a well known
E-learning Catalan "University" . The first denounce detailing the name of several jurists and other alumni was archived by the Barcelona Tribunal "because the author was anonymous" . The owners of this private "University" eliminated thousands of
e-mails inside the on-line campus just few hours after the denounce. The denounce showed that hackers utilized the Andorran Government IP . A new investigation is on process and several IP owners and alumni of this "University" and others are under investigation . On June 2001 MyNetWatchman.com discovered w32.Leaves worm ; two months later the FBI and Scotland Yard announced the arrest of a 24-year old man who they say was responsible for a computer virus known as the "Leaves worm," which surfaced in early July in home users' Windows-based computer systems.

16/12/2005 11:54
DGRN : Real estate buying and selling Inscription - Community expenses . ( General Direction of Registrars and Notaries )
The Registrar denies the inscription because the lack of Community owners payments statement or the exoneration by the buyer. The Direction resolves that this fact does not hinder the inscription as the breach of such obligations and prohibition does not affect the business validity ; in this case a buying and selling, gathers the requirements of the laws (articles 1261 etc. and 1300 of the civil code) so do not exist obstacles to the Registrar Inscription . Eventu****egal Community debts should be claimed by the buyer . The buyer will bear the real affection of the property .

27/11/2005 10:36
Marbella Money Laundering Case : The lawyers honor an accused lawyer of bleaching .
The security forces imply him in the bleaching of 250 million euro, but the companions of Marbella want to reward their dedication. The Chilean lawyer Fernando of the V***ey considered by the police the presumed brain of a money bleaching organization in Marbella, will receive next Monday a medal and a diploma because of its 25 years of professional exercise.
( sic) Sources > Libertad Digital , El Páis , La Vanguardia etc.
Your comments here ! Send your anonymous comments to info@donabogado.com
Related News : see below on 02 May , 15 and 17 March 2005.

15/11/2005 9:58
Costa Brava Auctions - Enchères - Aste Immobiliari
15 Dic RE01 Verges : House 94 mq + Land 4.409 mq : 194.000 Euro
15 Dic RE01 Pals : House 1094 mq : 215.000 Euro
17 Nov JB01 Pals : Apartment 94mq : 290.000 Euro
15 Nov RE04 Vulpellac : House 137 mq + Garden 79 mq : 77.000 Euro
08 Nov RE04 Llafranch ( Palafrugell beach ) Apartment Duplex 88+11+16 mq : 140.000 Euro
25 Oct RE02 Fontanelles : Land 18.600 mq : 197.000
25 Oct RE02 Palamos : Land 700mq : 25.000 Euros
25 Oct RE02 Palafrugell : House 77 mq : 193.000 Euro

Please note that the dates are indicative as the Actions are subjected to offers , renewals and delays .

12/11/2005 17:53
Spanish Constitutional Court : Case Law : lawyer expression freedom ( right ) .
The Lawyer criticism during the judgment that do not constitute personal defamations. The Constitutional Court has accepted the appeal of a lawyer , annulling a sentence that imposed him a disciplinary correction for lack of respect ; the lawyer utilized expressions as "to decide without judgment" or "to dictate sentence without judgment". The Court considers that said phrases are protected by the freedom right of speech during the exercise of the defense right , because they were employed in order to supporting the written opposition, under legal terms, to the judicial resolutions . The Court affirms that the written opposition has not transferred the limit of the insult neither of the defamation and rejects the intention to underestimate the judicial power, that constitute the limits of this specific demonstration of the right to the freedom of speech. (sic) .

12/11/2005 17:37
Spanish Supreme Court : Case Law : [ Building Construction Law - Damages ] : Responsibility of the architect directors
The Supreme has confirmed the sentence that condemned the architects directors of a work to the payment of damages , already payed by the owners. The Supreme Court affirms that the causes are attributable to deficiencies of the project or of the direction of the work because they are caused by the breach of the functions of high caution of the execution of the works that should have exercised.
Related Case Law : see Case Law of Tue, 16 Aug 2005.

04/10/2005 16:17
Catalan Superior Court : [ Administrative Court ] : Tax Treaty between Spain and France : application
IRPF ( TAX ) : The norm established by the International Treaty subscribed by Spain prevails on the internal Tax Legislation. Exemption of IRPF ( Spanish Tax ) to a person resident in France under the Treaty between Spain and France
( June 27, 1973: art. 4.2. to); Law 44/1978: art. 6) .

30/09/2005 19:06
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law [ Criminal ] : video conference abuse
The Supreme Court ordered to repeat the judgment against the responsible of a riot occurred in the prison of Alicante
considering that the Appellation Court of Alicante abused the video conference system during the judgment.
The Supreme Court confirms that "only motives of absolute impossibility of personal aid of the defendant would justify the employment of this technological middle". The Supreme Court considers that the motive argued by the Appellation Court
to justify the use of the video conference - dangerous defendants - is not sufficient to restrict a fundamental right such as the right to be present during the judgment .

30/09/2005 10:13
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : [ Prescription ] : another collision between Constitutional and Supreme Court
The Constitutional Court published a sentence establishing that the interposition of an accusation ( and not a "querella" or complaint ) is not a sufficient element able to interrupt the prescription ; moreover the Constitutional Court declared that
the delay of two years since the presentation of the accusation (March 30, 1998) to their late admission is not able to interrupt the prescription ( sic) indicating that the prescription matter is related to Art. 24.1 ( Constitution****aw ) , creating another collision with the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, in the same matter***.

***See our news on Wed, 17 Aug 2005
30/09/2005 9:42
General Counsel of the Judicial Power (CGPJ
CGPJ incluye Reglamento permitir acceso medios a actos procesales

El Pleno del Consejo General del Poder Judicial (CGPJ) aprobó hoy, por unanimidad, incluir un nuevo artículo en el Reglamento de Aspectos Accesorios de las Actuaciones Judiciales que señala que se permitirá el acceso de los medios de comunicación a los actos procesales celebrados en audiencia pública.
The CGPJ, during a press release , confirmed the approval of new Regulation including the general rule of free access
to *** mass media during the process development ; the Counsel adds relevant doctrine parti***y in opposition to the Constitutional Court (TC). This new rule inclusion in the communications Protocol, in a Regulation of obliged fulfillment.
The new press release indicates that 'with general character will be permitted the access of the reputable mass media to the judicial acts celebrated in public audience, except some exception such as when there is a risk of infringement of constitutional rights : the judge or president of the Court will be able to deny the access by motivated resolutions'

29/09/2005 10:01
Spanish Supreme Court : Social Case Law : lawyer dismissal
The Supreme Court has reckoned the appeal of annulment because the doctrine unification interposed by a lawyer that signed a service contract . The company and the lawyer subscribed a contract c***ed of "legal aid services". After various years the business communicated to the lawyer the contract conclusion of this service , annulling the contract . The lawyer formulated a demand of dismissal. The Supreme Court, confirms the existence of a continuous work relation , considering irrelevant the denomination of "legal aid services"

29/09/2005 9:34
Spanish Crimin****aw : archived the greatest case of salmonella in Spain (sic)
The Court of The Bisbal nº4 declared the suspension and archive of the penal case of the greater salmonella intoxication occurred in Spain, during the festival of San Juan of 2002 , affecting 1.435 people that ate "coca" ( a typical Catalan
cake) elaborated in the pastry shop Gusó of Torroella of Montgrí. The judge G. G. S. understands that the facts
"are not constituents of penal infraction" ( sic ) and for consequence hands on the damaged case to the Civil Court ,
the seat able to claim only the damages caused by the massive intoxication.

14/09/2005 18:24
Spanish Supreme Court : Case Law [ Administrative Court ] : Illegal electric inst***ation .
The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra that condemned the Milagro town Council to retreat an electric inst***ation from a farm , property of the recurrent, ( in the first instance ), and condemning the Town Council to the payment of *** damages caused by the inst***ation.
The S.C. considers that the Town Council invaded a private property without applying the compulsory expropriation .

02/09/2005 12:20
Spanish Supreme Court : Case Law [ Civil Court ] : professional civil responsibility of lawyer. ( sic )
The Supreme Court (TS) declared the annulment appeal condemning the lawyer to the payment of *** damages and costs caused by the admission lack of an appeal interposed with faulty way. The TS considers the lawyer responsible of professional negligence during his performance

23/08/2005 19:07
Spanish Counsel of Ministers : Law Draft approving an official examination for new Lawyers to reach the European quality level on 2011 ( sic )
The norm will regulate a new system of practical, specific and specialized access to the profession of Lawyer and Attorney-in-fact. The goal is to guarantee to the citizens an advice, legal defense and technical representation of quality. This examination system , approved only now in Spain , is already in force in the countries of the European Union and will ***ow to the Spanish professionals to approve their license to exercise in the EU. The law will be effective only six years after its final approval to guarantees the fundamental rights of defense and judicial guardianship, as well as the quality of the Lawyers aid to the citizens.

18/08/2005 11:44
Spanish Supreme Court : [ Acoustics contamination crime ] . First final and firm Sentence with penal condemn of prison.
Acoustics contamination crime. Elements of this criminal figure. Doctrine on the "ne bis in idem" in presence of administrative expedient sanction. Difference among the requirements for the accreditation of the facts details supported by an administrative sanction and the ones obtaining a legitimate trial during the criminal process.

Pertinent CaseLaw : Constitutional Court : Sentence 01.05.29

17/08/2005 15:31
Spanish Supreme Court : Case Law [ Prescription ]
New relevant sentence on the doctrine of the crime prescription .
The interruption of the prescription time limit can be effective on behalf of accusation or complaint, without the admission requirement because the random situation and leg***y insecure that it supposes.

16/08/2005 18:51
General Counsel of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) : to obstruct to journalist to take notes during a judgment is erroneous practice
The spokesman of the General Counsel of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), E. López, affirmed that the action to obstruct, during a judgment to the journalists to take notes is "a wrong and absolutely erroneous practice". "This Counsel, approved recently in a Protocol, that this action is a wrong and absolutely erroneous practice". The Judge of the Court of Instruction nº 21 of Madrid impeded to the journalists to take notes during the oral judgment against J.R.( spokesman of IU, Madrid Retreat District ), in relation to the organization of a popular consultation, last June 13.

16/08/2005 9:32
Spanish Supreme Court (TS) Case Law : claim of quantity by Real Estate Agency mediation work. The Agency claims because the debt should be recognized under contract existence. This institution is scarcely regulated in the Spanish Common Law. Legal value of these documents. [ Civil Law > Contracts
Sentence : ( extract ) "We REJECT the Appeal interposed by the recurrent "J." of Malaga, Cooperative and Limited Company Limited, in Liquidation", against the SENTENCE ( PROVINCIAL AUDIENCE OF MALAGA ), in the case of declarative Judgment of Sm***er Amount originating in the Court of 1ª Instance of Malaga confirming the REJECTION and with express imposition of the PROCESS COSTS to the recurrent part, and with loss for the same one of the deposit constituted. More...

16/08/2005 9:19
Data Protection Agency will communicate soon to several Spanish companies sanctions of 30.000 euro for spam.
The Data Protection Agency will communicate the sanctions against the indiscriminate e-mail advertising as announced to Servimedia the director of the agency, José Luis Piñar.
It is the first relevant actions of the Spanish Agency in this matter, that will publish soon a Guide of Fight against the 'Spam'. Spain is one of the few countries of the world that has trusted to Protection of Data the fight against the 'spam', together United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Mexico signing a treaty to fight the spam.

16/08/2005 8:41
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : preventive inscription of line claim ( embargo ) [ effects and rights : Estate / Mortgage Law ]
The Supreme Court confirms that the preventive annotation of line claim ( embargo ) does not modify the nature of the credit noted ; the line claim does not become a real credit or mortgage, neither attributes to the claimer the consideration of third party protected. More details...

04/08/2005 19:18
OHIM ( OAMI ) launches the Design consultation on-line service.
OAMI ON-LINE the server of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) launches this week a new consultation service under Locarno classification and/or Eurolocarno indication . ( this resource is already available in the DonAbogado RSS Legal Toolbar )

28/07/2005 11:22
Royal Decree approving the general Regulation of Disciplinary Rules of the Administration of Justice public officials.
The Regulation maintains a similar structure to the ancient regulation, though introduces a list of news rules to ***ow an easier and fast procedure to instruct the disciplinary expedients. Important Note : this new Decree grants to the Spanish and foreign people to promote a motion against public officials.

27/07/2005 19:18
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : purchase of country house with ( old ) hidden vices ( termites ) .
The Supreme Court confirms the Sentence of the Instruction Court annulling the Appellate Court Sentence concerning the
purchase of one "masia" with hidden vices. The Supreme Court estimates that the specific vices relating to the presence of
the termites, were known by the sellers because the beams of wood have been substituted or repaired with gypsum and
they executed works of reinforcement between five and ten years ago ; for consequence the vices cannot be considered as somewhat new, arisen after the acquisition of the property . The Supreme Court condemns the sellers Mrs J., Mr. O. and Mr. A. , to return to the property owner the quantity of 90.360 Euro, the legal interests since the judicial question and the costs.

27/07/2005 12:09
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : absence of first rate payment : inexistence of insurance covering .
The Supreme has rejected the motion of annulment presented by the widow of a man that died for the consequence of
stones f***ing in the building in which was working. The widow claimed to the insurance company the payment of the damages caused by the death in spite of the fact that the payment of the rate had not been produced at the moment of the accident.
The Court establishes the consequences that derive from the guilty delay in the fulfillment of the obligation, considers that the absence of payment rate does not produce the material effects of the insurance contract and consequently, if the sinister is produced, the insurance will remain free of its obligation. The Supreme Court determines that in absence of other relevant rules in the insurance agreement, the absence of payment of the first rate will not grant any covering insurance keeping the insurance company free of any compensation obligation or responsibility (sic) © Cav***ini

26/07/2005 17:48
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : to enter Spain is not a fundamental right of the foreigners. (sic)
The CC establishes that to enter Spain is not a fundamental right of the foreigners. In the demand of protection, the defense ***eged the violation of the article 19 of the Spanish Constitution, that guarantees the right of the Spaniards to enter and to leave freely of Spain and its liberty of residence inside the national territory and the article 13.1, that does extensive to the foreigners the enjoyment of the public liberties recognized in the own constitution to the Spaniards. The TC rules out the violation of the right to the liberty of residence «in absence of entrance in Spain -the same situation occurred to the recurrent-, it is not possible to exercise the right to elect in Spain the place of residence (sic) ». The debate was centered therefore in if exists or not a fundamental right of the foreigners to enter Spain. The sentence initiates their analysis in the article 13.1 with the conclusion that its purpose is not «to gener***y recognize the right to the thousands of millions of foreign citizens that are found in other countries neither, in concrete, to become as fundamental the right and eventual expectation to *** the foreigners to enter in Spain trough our borders». What intends this precept is «to regulate the legal position of the foreigners that already are found in Spain». The subject of the right indicated in the article 13.1 «is not the foreigner, but the foreigner in Spain, the one that already has entered our country».

26/07/2005 12:01
Spanish Counsel of Ministers : Treaty with China on judicial aid in penal matter.
The Counsel of Ministers has authorized the firm of the Treaty between the Kingdom of Spain and the Chinese Popular Republic on judicial aid in penal material. Aid will include the notification of documents; the statement of people; an easier documents issue ; the experts evaluations contribution; the locating of people; the judicial practice of diligence of inspection or the exam of places and objects; the voluntary court appearance of people to lend statement; the execution of investigations; registrations, blockades and embargoes; the confiscation of the instruments of the crime and the exchange of information concerning criminal facts obtained by penal procedure investigations and procedures based on the nation****egislation. This Treaty will not include the extradition, the execution of penal sentences and the transfer of people condemned with purpose to comply the penal sentence.

22/07/2005 18:11
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : to be illiterate in Spanish language is not an impediment for the concession of the Spanish nationality...
The Supreme Court has married the sentence that denied the Spanish nationality to a man regularly married with a Spanish citizen ( its children were also Spanish ), considering the absence of integration in the Spanish society and the ignorance in the Spanish language.
The SC considers that this fact cannot suppose an obstacle to consider that exists an integration chance in the Spanish society, agreeing the concession of the Spanish nationality, according to the art. 22.4 of the Civil Code....

22/07/2005 17:12
Law nº 16/2005 , 18 July modifying the Law nº 1/1996 , 10 January concerning the free legal aid, regulating the civil and commercial exchange in the European Union.
The free circulation in the European Union supposes the consecration of an unique market in which people, merchandise , services and capitals, should be considered incomplete in absence of a system assuring to the European citizens the guardianship of its rights. This effective judicial guardianship will consecrates the article 24 of the Spanish Constitution and will receive the article 47 of the Letter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union extending the lawsuits to border exchanges originated by the operation of the unique market..

21/07/2005 18:32
Spanish Constitutional Court Case Law : gay marriage law under unconstitutional eye.
The president of the Supreme Court and of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), Francisco Jose Hernando, affirmed today that the Judge of Denia's ( Barcelona ) Civil Registrar is in her right to raise to the Constitutional Court the doubts on the recent law that regulates the gay marriage law. ( The Judge refused to marry a gay couple same days ago ) .
Nevertheless Hernando indicated that only the Constitutional Court may value if the judge is competent to claim the mentioned law. ( Actu***y the doctrine on judge competition it's quite contradictory ) .In any case he indicated that "also they are judges" those of the Civil Record and that "when they have a doubt on the constitutionality of a norm they possess a legal mechanism (the question of unconstitutionality) to express it ". 07.21.05 Gerona ©Cav***ini

15/07/2005 11:46
Spanish Anonymous Vigilance RSS Alert
DonAbogado.com launches a Vigilance service dedicated to businessmen, investigators and lawyers firms, based on instant RSS / WAP system .

09/07/2005 17:31
Spanish Supreme Court Case Law : Exemption of IBI for not resident companies.
The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of the National Audience annulling an agreement of the TEAC and the right of the business "C. H. Limited" to the Exemption of the Special Tax on properties owned by not Resident Companies. It considers that the business accredited sufficiently before the Tax Administration the origin of the resources invested in Spain and the personality of the direct or indirect holders of the capital stock. It rejects the resource of annulment presented by the public Prosecutor declaring that the company completed *** the requirements, formal and substantive, required by the Law to recognize the right to the exemption. ©Cav***ini

08/07/2005 18:31
The Counsel of Ministers approves the Plan of Sm*** Properties Developments (2005-2008) with 33.000 million euro.
Fri, 8 Jul 2005 . The Government will guarantee the financing of 180.000 submissions each year. The Counsel of Ministers met in Mérida has approved the Real Decree that establishes the general coordinates of the "Plan of Sm*** Properties
Development" during 2005 - 2008 that considers fundamental objective to favor the access of the citizens to a sm***
property . The Plan comes to comply the commitment acquired to put available, to accessible prices, 180.000 / year properties in property or in rental mode . The new plan approved today has been elaborated with the cooperation of more than 60 agencies, among autonomous regions, Local Corporations, unions, social associations and agents of the real estate sector.
The new Plan establishes important mechanisms to ***ow transparency and a continuous control of development.

( Full law will be translated and available soon ) . Madrid , ©2005 Cav***ini .

24/06/2005 16:00
Madrid . 10 minutes ago .The CGPJ suspends a year to a judge of Marbella .
Madrid . The CGPJ suspends a year to a judge of Marbella .
10 minutes ago . Be the first to get this fresh new .

10/06/2005 18:39
European Court Human Rights Caselaw - TROME S.A. - 1999
FOURTH SECTION CASE OF TROME S.A. v. SPAIN (Application no. 27781/95) JUDGMENT (Striking out) STRASBOURG 1 April 1999 In the case of Trome S.A. v. Spain, The European Court of Human Rights (Fourth ...Spain lodged with the Commission under former Article 25 by Trome S.A., a public limited company registered under Spanish law (“the ...judgment of 22 June 1983. PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COMMISSION 17. Trome S.A. applied to the Commission on 12 May 1995. It ...signed by mutual agreement between the Andalusia Regional Government and Trome S.A. the document of which a copy is appended hereto. Following the signing of this agreement Trome S.A., with the agreement of the Agent of the Spanish ...Firstly, the [Andalusia Land Agency], being unable to return to Trome S.A. the 12,564.48 sq. m of land on the San ...part of the present document (plots A and B). Secondly, Trome S.A. will withdraw the actions brought in *** the proceedings ...government authorities in connection with the present restitution case. Thirdly, Trome S.A. declares that it is aware of the current condition ...formal note of the agreement reached between the Government and Trome S.A. It notes that this gives satisfaction to the applicant ...

27/05/2005 18:15
Brussels condemns Spain's land-grab law
Spain could be hauled before the European Court of Justice over its "land grab" law, which has ***owed developers to plunder land belonging to foreign homeowners.

In a victory for hundreds of expatriate Britons who have had property seized, the European Commission has written to the Spanish government saying that the law breaches EU regulations as well as human rights statutes.

The rebuke follows a commission investigation into the poorly drafted 1994 planning law, Ley Reguladora de la Actividad Urbanista, which was origin***y intended to speed up development on the Costa Blanca.

Over the past year The Telegraph has reported how loopholes have been exploited by Spanish developers - who have been able ask for land to be reclassified from rural to urban without the owners' permission.

Developers have already made compulsory purchases of 20,000 properties at fractions of the market value. Last year, the European Parliament launched an investigation. Its report condemned the law and criticised apparent corruption among developers, officials and lawyers. However, its c*** for a halt to the practice was ignored.

The European Commission's new letter gives Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spain's socialist prime minister, until May 21 to resolve the situation. If the Commission is not satisfied, Mr Zapatero's officials will be issued with a summons to appear in the court in Luxembourg. The court has the power to inflict unlimited fines and stop European grants to Spain.

The Commission's stance has heartened Charles Svoboda, a former head of Canadian Intelligence, who lives in Benissa, near Benidorm, one of the main areas under threat from the land seizures.

"Madrid will ignore the Commission's infringement procedure or st*** but Brussels has the bit between its teeth," said Mr Svoboda, who leads a victim protest group.

"If it doesn't get a satisfactory response, the commission will have no choice but to take Spain to the European Court of Justice. We have sympathisers in Brussels who will ensure this happens. To victims this is a ray of hope."

At least 20,000 people living on the Costa Blanca have protested about the law, under which estate agents - often in league with corrupt local politicians - have made enormous profits by snapping up land prime for development. Residents have also been forced to pay huge amounts towards new infrastructure, such as roads, drainage and street lighting - which developers would norm***y have to shoulder.

Mr Svoboda and his supporters are now threatening to sue local politicians. "We can't easily take on the developers because they just fold up their tents, go bankrupt and walk away," he said.

"But we can take on the mayors and town councillors who gave developers permission to use this illeg****aw to deprive people of their homes. We are going to take the mayors to court to demand compensation and damages. They know they are breaking the law - they should be liable."

Government spokesmen in Madrid and Valencia said that no ministers were available to comment on the process instigated by Brussels.

Telegraph.co.uk has more
Peter Upton Author
23/05/2005 12:02
DonAbogado.com launches Top Spanish Estate and Legal Directory new website
DonAbogado Network increases the presence on internet with a new Estate and Legal Directory website , DonAbogado.org
The website will be based on TOP Estate and Legal partners with minimum Google Page Rank of 4 , required to obtain the link in DonAbogado.org homepage . "We do not want to build a directory , such as our competitors , with millions of links but a special Directory with partners with a certain presence on Internet .

The Directory will be supported by Human Characters as usual in the DonAbogado Network philosophy .

10/05/2005 16:49
DonAbogado.com launches RSS Video News with Characters
A new era of RSS News has been launched.

"We strongly believe that Characters make the difference from any other standard news format.
Video files are usu***y too slow Others applications such as mynewstogo supply big text to speech files to create or download . Sm*** and original website need a a fast and efficient stream service" Cav***ini J. Philippe Adm. of DonAbogado.com website says . "Next steps will follow. : this summer we will study a first sm*** legal database trying the artificial intelligence" .

05/05/2005 9:20
About black money and deposit
If you buy a house in Spain, you will almost certainly be asked to break the law as a routine part of the process.
Refuse and you run a real risk of losing the house of your dreams; but if you go ahead and commit the crime, as so many estate agents advise - be warned.

The problem is that in order to reduce his capital gains tax, the seller will ask you to declare that you are buying the house at a reduced price - and then pay him the difference in cash. It's c***ed black money and it is endemic in Spain, where cash buys "under the table" for *** kinds of services are common.

Mr Henderson was made of sterner stuff. "My wife and I decided that we wouldn't do anything unethical or illegal. We wouldn't involve ourselves in black money, and we informed the seller of our decision. He then stated that he was cancelling the sale and that he was keeping our original deposit."

Partial Source > Telegraph Group LimitedChris - Wilson reports

02/05/2005 12:12
Marbella Money Laundering" : Thousands of owners along the coast between Malaga and Gibraltar face financial ruin.
THE dream of a new life on the Costa del Sol has turned sour for thousands of Irish and British expatriates as a series of legal and financial scandals threatens to take away their homes.
An investigation into a €239m building scam involving money ***egedly stolen from a Russian oil company has coincided with a crackdown on illegal building and a mis-selling dispute involving one of Spain's biggest developers of holiday homes.
Thousands of owners along the coast between Malaga and Gibraltar, a prime location for Irish investors, face financial ruin.

"The Costa del Sol market is in crisis," said Mark Stucklin, director of the market analysts Spanish Property Insight.
"One scandal would have been bad enough, but for three to hit at once is devastating."

The trouble began last month in Marbella when police raided the offices of Fernando del V***e, the head of a loc****aw firm.
He is ***eged to have helped clients invest as much as €240m from dubious sources in holiday home developments through anonymous trusts in Gibraltar. Francisco Javier Nunez, the lawyer for del V***e, 57, says his client strenuously denies any wrongdoing.

As part of the money-laundering inquiry, c***ed Operation White Whale, ownership of 251 properties has been declared "frozen" by the courts. Police believe the homes may have been built with "dirty" money, including some illeg***y siphoned from Yukos, the Russian oil company that disintegrated amid financial scandal.
Buyers fear their homes may be sold to repay Yukos creditors.

Spain is where Irish people are most likely to buy property, with an estimated 60,000 investing there.
Marbella is a particularly popular location for Irish buyers.
Michael Smurfit, the millionaire businessman, owns a €35m property there.

One Irish woman referred to del V***e by her Spanish-based estate agent says she lost €120,000 after paying €294,000 for a
new farmhouse and an investment property near Marbella. She claims a second set of contracts were drawn up which showed the real price of the deal was €120,000 less than what she paid.

Others affected include Edward Hunt, 62, a carpenter from Dorset, and his wife Angela, 47, who bought a €160,000 one-bedroom flat in a new development at Alcaidesa, near Gibraltar. The couple moved in last month but are now locked in a legal battle to establish whether they own the apartment. "I'm a carpenter. I want to retire and work on my boat," said Hunt. " I don't know anything about Yukos and *** I can think about is what will happen to my money. Angela is in tears about this every night."

Dozens of British and Irish people bought homes in the Alcaidesa development, marketed by Ocean Estates, a large Anglo-Spanish agency. Lawyers and property analysts estimate that hundreds have been affected by the court order.

"Fernando del V***e's firm was recommended by some big estate agents and acted for thousands of overseas buyers, many of them British," said Stucklin.

Sam Andrews, director of Tara European Properties in Marbella, an agency that helps Irish people buy property in the area, said she had been wary of some of the Marbella developments which are now the subject of investigation.

Andrews said the Banana Beach, Marbella, which is now facing demolition, was one of the developments she advised her clients against. "I knew there was a question over its legitimacy because you could see this was a development built on the end of a green strip near an industrial area. It looked out of place."

Andrews, who has been working in Marbella for a year, said a large amount of Irish people bought in the area and were now facing the possibility of losing their holiday homes.

Operation White Whale has coincided with a crackdown on illegal building. Last month the Andalusian government, based in Seville, said it planned to demolish up to 1,600 homes that had been ruled by the Andalusian high court to have been built illeg***y. Officials had approved dozens of developments on greenbelt land.

One home earmarked for the wrecking b*** is a two-bedroom flat in Banana Beach, Marbella, that Russell Ellis, 61, a builder
from Devon, and his wife Lynn, 53, bought three years ago for €117,000. There are no plans to offer compensation.
"If the Andalusian government orders demolition, my two summers in the sun will have cost me £40,000 (€58,000) each and I may end up with nothing," said Ellis.

Lawyers trying to prevent demolition say 500 Britons have been caught up in the planning clampdown.

Terry McKinley, from Belfast, runs Costahouse, a property agency in the Costa del Sol for Irish people buying abroad.
He said the properties now embroiled in the planning scandals were put on the market for up to €30,000 more.
As a result, he advised clients to steer clear.

In the third scandal, thousands of people have invested in developments that may never be built. Paul McC***, 38, is one of them. Three years ago he moved from Bournemouth in Dorset, where he ran nightclubs, to the Hipodromo district, north of Fuengirola. He put down a €44,000 deposit on an unbuilt flat in a proposed development by Aifos, one of Spain's biggest developers.

The company, which is promoted by the singer Julio Iglesias, has dozens of offices in Spain, London, Manchester and Dublin. Aifos said it would get planning permission and start building within a year.

Three years on, the development of Aifos Hipodromo has not been started. David Greene, a British chartered accountant who runs de Bocuès Properties, an agency in Fuengirola, estimates that up to 2,500 British buyers have been mis-sold Aifos homes along the coast.

"Aifos takes deposits and assures buyers that planning permission is a formality," he said. "It is not and never has been.
Aifos is so big that I see new cases every week."

Aifos admits it has 13 large developments, including Aifos Hipodromo, awaiting planning permission.
But Juan Luis Gasco Aznar, its London representative, denied misleading buyers. "We are not here to collect deposits.
We are a serious building company," he said.

Aifos has offered to return deposits to disgruntled buyers with interest but many have declined, saying it would leave them out of pocket as property prices have since risen sharply.

The scandals have focused attention on some of the unattractive realities of the Costa del Sol property market.

"Mindless, unfettered construction and speculation have damaged the area and corrupted the market. It's heading down," said Stucklin.

Jose Maria Sanchez Alfonso, who runs a law practice in Fuengirola, said: "Nobody would discuss it in public, but in private everyone has been predicting a crisis like the one we have now.

"Prices have been rocketing because of a flood of legitimate buyers and 'black' cash from unconventional sources."

source > The Sunday Times - Ireland

21/04/2005 15:06
DonAbogado.com launches a Radio component
The radio component will let your users choose a radio station and listen to it directly from the toolbar.

19/04/2005 19:06
No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster
No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster

21/03/2005 9:07
Costa Brava Auctions - Enchères - Aste Immobiliari
26 Avril JB03 House 90mq Palafrugell 108.000 Euro
18 May JB03 Apartment 81mq Palamos 190.000 Euro
15 June JB03 Apartment 70mq 153.000 Euro

17/03/2005 16:47
Marbella money laundering : high risk to lose homes, mainly because people lack a correct escritura
The Government Delegate in Andalucia, Juan José López Garzón, is on the Costa del Sol to congratulate the police for what he has described as their 'brilliant' operation against money laundering based in Marbella.
He said he thought the social damage being done to the Costa del Sol is due to the existence of mafia groups which, he said need to be disbanded.
He said he was confident that the judicial authorities knew exactly how far they had to go with the case.
Documents intervened so far in the case indicate that the money laundering activities have been going on for the past five years. Police fear that several of the mafia members implicated in the fraud managed to escape police custody at the last minute last week, with many thought to have fled the country as news of the operation broke last Thursday.
New arrests have not been ruled out.

One of those arrested in the operation, 70 year old Frenchman, Pierre René Elbas, was a partner of Fernando del V***e.

He built 50 houses in San Roque and sold each one for 540,000 €.

Latest reports indicate that those who purchased one of these properties could lose their homes, mainly because they lack a correct escritura - In theory such a purchaser may not have known of the illicit origin of the money used in the house's construction, but the judge is now believed to be investigating *** the people who purchased the properties - to try and establish just how involved they might have

15/03/2005 9:15
Marbella money laundering : 3 notaries arrested
Prosecutors in at least seven countries confirmed this weekend that they are opening investigations into a money laundering
network cracked open by Spanish police in the Costa del Sol last week that is believed to have links to criminal gangs operating across Europe and North America.

Investigators from France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Russia are expected to arrive in Spain over the coming
days to begin collaborating with Spanish police, while prosecutors in the United States, Canada and Germany are also opening investigations into the network, which ***egedly funneled up to €600 million from drugs and arms trafficking, prostitution, theft and fraud through the Del V***e Abogados law firm in Marbella.

At least nine known criminal gangs are believed to have used Del V***e Abogados to create front companies through which to launder money by investing it in real estate along the Costa del Sol and moving the gains to tax havens such as the
British colony of Gibraltar. So far more than 40 people were arrested, including three notaries in Marbella.
Police have not ruled out further arrests over the coming days as the suspects give testimony before the Marbella court and investigators begin to examine documents and computer files seized from the law firm and from other properties owned by the more than two thousand front companies set up by the network.
source > El Pais Spain | Madrid

03/03/2005 11:41
Costa Brava 2 Attics ( Penthouse - Atico - Attico) located on 1st sea line for sale. A very rare buy.
1) Palamós : unique Attic - Penthouse ( Atico - Attico ) in 1st sea line with amazing bay views.
- located at 20 meters from the Seashore ( Paseo Maritimo : 3.5 km long ).
- Real Penthouse with privacy guarantees. Isolated .
- 1 double living dinning room + chimney + 3 access to the terraces with global bay views :
to Palamos, S. Antoni de Calonge, Playa de Aro and S'Agaro bay.
- 1 living room with patio + mini-garden with soft sunlight lightning.
- 2 big terraces ( total 75 mq ) :
- 1 with global bay view of Palamos, S. Antoni de Calonge, Playa de Aro, S'Agaro.
- another one with mountain and historic ( monumental ) villa views.
- 3B+3B.
- Characteristic system of internal soft sun lighting.
- Laundry room. Big safe. Alarm. Double Satellite. Internet. 2 Garages + 1 safe and video system.
- Independent Hot + New Air conditioning system. ( double split : hot and cold systems )
- Total 250mq. Asking price 1,2 million euro***.
- Direct sale no commission, no agency.

2) Palamós : unique Penthouse located in 1st line, in the historic center with amazing bay views
of Palamós, Sant Antoni de calonge, Playa de Aro and S'Agaro .
- 2B+2B. Living Room. Terrace.
- Internet ADSL 10 MB. Safe. Alarm connected to Police.
- Unique and solid building construction. Total 80 mq. Asking Price 600.000 euro***.
- Direct Sale no commission, no agency.
- Parking included .
24/02/2005 11:01
Costa Brava Auctions - Enchères - Aste Immobiliari
22 February > Palafrugell : house 77mq , 58.000 euros
07 Avril > La Bisbal : house 108mq , 91.000 euros
14 Avril > Palamos : apartment 70mq , 96.000 euros
21 Avril > La Bisbal : plot 15.000mq , 56.000 euros

03/02/2005 9:43
The lawyers electronic signature will work before Holy Week
2.000 lawyers will be able to realize steps from his office. before Holy Week .
The system will suppose savings of up to 18 euros for every management or consultation.
Electronic signature will ***ow the lawyers to realize *** kindsof steps across his personal computer, from presenting a writing to the courts, to consulting a record.
Electronic signature will suppose serviceability for the professionals, who will not have to move of his offices.
And also an economic saving.
Every step will suppose a saving to the Administration of Justice between 15 and 18 euros less.

Spanish Text by courtesy of www.paraprofesionales.com
22/01/2005 17:56
Will and Spanish Inheritance Law
If you are acquiring or have a property in Spain there are significant advantages in having a Spanish Will drawn up to deal with your Spanish assets.
The time and costs involved in having an English Will translated and recognized as valid by the Spanish Authorities are far greater than those for dealing with a "proper" Spanish Will.
We can arrange for you to have a Spanish Will drawn up in accordance with your instructions and signed in front of a Specialist Notary. The Will may then be registered with the central Register of Wills
In order to avoid inconsistency between your English and Spanish wills it is important that your English Will is drawn to specific***y leave your assets in Spain to be dealt with by the Spanish Will.
We are experienced in dealing with this and can assist you to draft a new Will or update an existing English Will so as not
to contradict the Spanish Will.
Inheritance tax law in Spain differs considerably from the English system and an inappropriate English will could cause considerable loss to you or your beneficiaries.
A Spanish Will may be structured to take full advantage of Spanish Inheritance Law.

20/01/2005 10:45
Mortgages in Spain
When buying a property in Spain you may wish to raise finance by arranging a mortgage. It is possible to arrange a mortgage with an English or a Spanish lender in either Euros or Pounds. You could also consider adding to an existing mortgage in the UK. There are advantages to *** these routes and we will be pleased to advise you on which option is most suited to your circumstances. We can also help you obtain a mortgage in the UK.

13/01/2005 8:53
DonAbogado launches the RSS TOOLBAR
DonAbogado launches a new special TOOLBAR

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The DonAbogado toolbar does not violate users privacy and does not create security holes -
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How will I get the toolbar?
Simply click the following link to get now the special

09/01/2005 16:36
Villa overlooking the Playa de Pals and Medes Islands
In perfect condition, this home has magnificent views to the sea and beach. It is found first line to the sea.
This main floor of this property comprises of a lounge with a large fireplace and direct access to the terraces, an american style kitchen with an exit to the pool area, an en-suite bedroom, a WC and a master bedroom with views to the sea, access to the outside and a bathroom and shower room.
The ground floor consists of a double room with an exit to the garden and a shower room.
There is also an annexe studio apartment.

Plot area 4,000 sqm and built area 190 sqm
Guide price € 1,700,000
09/01/2005 10:00
Beautiful villa overlooking the beach of Sa Tuna
Beautiful villa, located near the historical town of Begur and overlooking the beach of Sa Tuna

Large villa of 600m2 set on 3.500 m2 of land with huge picture windows looking over the Mediterranean.

Good-sized swimming pool (13 x 6 m and 3 m deep), garage for 4 cars and additional outside parking for 2 more cars.

Includes a billiard room, laundry room, cellar, lumber room, kitchen and spacious living room of two zones and 'Toscana' Chimney.

3 ensuite bedrooms, 1 double bedroom and 2 full bathrooms.

Separate apartment with 2 double bedrooms.

Central heating, automatic watering system throughout the garden.

Possibilities to enlarge the property, big windows.

Price 1.677.000 Euros
08/01/2005 11:51
Bank: Property 20% Over Valued
Bank: Property 20% Over Valued

Daya Nueva Construction WorkerRecent reports in Spain claim the countries high economic growth has been partly based on a property boom that began late in 1996. House prices in Spain have doubled over the last five years, and the Bank of Spain is warning that the property market is overvalued by about 20 percent. Last year alone prices rose 18.5 percent for new houses and 16.7 percent for existing ones.

Property accounts for some 40 percent of capital investment in Spain. Nearly 90 percent of houses are owner-occupied, the highest in Europe. There are some three to four million properties empty, and an estimated similar number used as second homes.
Property is beyond the reach of many young Spaniards.
There are reports of workers turning down job offers that would involve moving house because of the lack of available accommodation.

This pushes up the levels of household debt, which has risen over 20 percent in the last year alone. The value of mortgage debt has risen by 23.6 percent over the last year, and according to The Economist, "nearly half of the average family's disposable income goes on servicing housing debt." The Bank of Spain is warning that there is a "high risk of exposure" to debt, and that an increase in interest rates could have drastic consequences for the economy.
This follows similar concerns from the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Anticipating a slowdown in the Spanish market one real estate developer, Fadesa, has recently announced plans to start building work in Hungary. Another Property in Spain affiliate, Grupo Blauverd has formed a joint venture real estate company with leading Spanish bank CAM with an investment of €467,000,000. The company will have offices in Valencia, Madrid and London03/01/2005 11:40
Zapatero estimates 2004 GDP growth 2.7
2005-01-03 08:40:30

Spain's Zapatero estimates 2004 GDP growth 2.7 pct


Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero believes the country's GDP will have grown by 2.7 pct in 2004, El Periodico de Catalunya reported Sunday, citing an interview with the PM
The previous forecast from the Ministry of Economy in mid-December estimated growth at 2.6 pct

For more information and to contact AFX: www.afxnews.com and www.afxpress.com
30/12/2004 12:14
Instant Real Estate News from Costa Brava
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30/12/2004 10:56
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How do I get started?
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More about RSS
What Is RSS?
The term RSS refers to a syndication format, sometimes known as Re***y Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Each RSS feed is simply a text document containing a list of content items. The text document contains the headline, description and link for content items available on a web site.
Why RSS?
This format may look strange in a web browser, perhaps even unreadable, but there are a range of tools and technologies that leverage this common standard formatting. Similarly, HTML tagging, the code behind a web page, is unreadable unless viewed via a web browser which understands how to present the HTML code. Rather than use a web browser or even a text editor to view a particular RSS feed, you will view RSS feeds through RSS readers.

What are RSS readers?
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This format for consuming information has a lot of interesting possibilities, including the common perception that information can be consumed in greater volume via RSS than by browsing from web site to web site.